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Pediatric cardiologist

A pediatric cardiologist is a pediatrician who has received extensive training in diagnosing and treating children's cardiac problems. Evaluation and treatment may begin with the fetus since heart problems can now be detected before birth.

When a pediatrician suspects a heart problem, he or she may ask a pediatric cardiologist to investigate further. Common causes for a referral to the pediatric cardiologist include heart murmurs, chest pain, dizzy spell(s) or palpitations. Initial evaluations may result in the patient and his/her parents being reassured that there is nothing to worry about.

Our Mission

  •   To provide the highest quality cardiology care for the children
  •   To provide expertise in all areas of pediatric cardiology services
  •   To develop and maintain strong physician-patient-parent relationships
  •   To value compassionate care and service
  •   To advance the field of pediatric cardiology for the improvement of patient care through research

Welcome Message

Welcome to The Little Heart Clinic. Whether you are a patient or a visitor at our clinic, you can expect highly dedicated staff, physicians and volunteers will be working tirelessly to ensure that you receive excellent care in a safe and comfortable environment.

As a growing paediatric cardiology service provider in Surat (Gujarat), we provides quality, compassionate and cost-effective services that continually meet and exceed our patient needs.